Leburnick Kennels

Leburnick Kennels

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Leburnick Kennels & Cattery, lawhitton, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9NJ
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Leburnick Kennels & Cattery, Nr. Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9NJ

Care Routine

The care routine at Leburnick Kennels and Cattery.

leburnick Kennels

At Leburnick Kennels we start at 7am each morning when our boarding dogs are warmly greeted and taken out, their beds are checked and individual kennels are attended to before breakfast is served. We always ensure that fresh water is provided at least three times a day.

Boarders are exercised 5 times a day where they are given the opportunity to exercise and socialise with the other guests. They are let out for a final ‘toilet break late evening under flood lights before bed.
We are also able to execise boarders individually if necessary.

Alternatively, we have plenty of time for cuddles for those boarders who require the same level of TLC that a few of our regulars enjoy...and demand.

Leburnick Kennels - Dogs exercising on our extensive fields.
Leburnick Kennels - Expansive fields allow the dogs to make the most of their play time..
Leburnick Kennels - Dogs exercising on our extensive fields.

At Leburnick Kennels we begin the afternoon feed at 2pm. This is followed by afternoon walks and playtime and more one-on-one attention for those boarders who need it.

Please note that our exercise times will vary slightly in the winter when we are trying to avoid the worst of the weather. At all times the dogs are cleaned and dried before being put back in their kennels.