Leburnick Kennels

Leburnick Kennels

Josh and Debbie Theobald: 01566 772635 | leburnickkennelsandcattery@gmail.com
Leburnick Kennels & Cattery, lawhitton, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9NJ
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Leburnick Kennels & Cattery, Nr. Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9NJ

Our Facilities

The facilities available at Leburnick Kennels and Cattery.

leburnick Kennels

At Leburnick Kennels, we are pleased to offer two modern, well-equipped kennel blocks - each fully secured. Our kennels are large and we encourage any comfort items you may wish to bring for your dog.

Because of our pet-friendly layout, there is no need for the use of leads and no cause for stress. Instead, our boarding dogs are able to go directly from their kennel through our secured courtyard and straight down to our expansive fields to make the most of their play time.

We run on the same schedule each and every day of the week so our boarders quickly get used to and enjoy the Leburnick Kennel routine. In fact, our boarders don't mind letting us know in their own special ways if we are running a tad behind!

Leburnick Kennels - Our secured courtyard.
Leburnick Kennels - Dogs exercising on our extensive fields.
Leburnick Kennels.
Leburnick Kennels - Expansive fields allow the dogs to make the most of their play time..
Leburnick Kennels - view of our purpose built boarding facilities.
Leburnick Kennels - Dogs making themselves at home..

Leburnick Kennels and Cattery - Our new cattery is bright, warm and welcoming.

Our new cattery is bright, warm and welcoming. Being separate, the cats can enjoy our company and come out to play. Grooming is also appreciated by those who enjoy it.